SSS June 2016 Card Kit


In line with my video for the May 2016 card kit, from SSS, I decided to make multiple cards and edit them into one video. To see if that was better received; rather than drip feeding videos over the month as I make the cards.

It would appear it was when looking at views and subscription figures on the YouTube channel, so here we are again but this time instead of 6 cards, I’ve made 10.

I’ve tried to vary the cards as much as possible, in technique and style so to give as much inspiration as possible.I will create a blog post for each card listing the additional supplies over the next 48 hours.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I feel like I’m flying in the dark a bit as to what people would like to see.

Anyway, I’ll be back shortly with the next posts, until then,

Happy Crafting 🙂


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