Well hello fellow craft addicts!

I have today gone onto youtube, (a daily guilty pleasure to check up on my virtual crafty friends!) And seen that I’ve reached 100+ subscribers!!

While I appreciate for the seasoned crafter this may seem like small fry, I am absolutely over the moon, and wanted to share the love with my devoted followers! 

Initially I thought I’d make you all laugh by posting a video of me victory dancing round the room, and trust me, watching me dance would have you rolling on the floor or just plain old cringing! 

But to remain on topic, being craft lovers, what better way to thank you lovely people for your support than by doing a giveaway?! I know how much I love seeing one pop up on my feed!

So here’s the deal, it’s my sons second birthday on Monday, and his party is tomorrow, so I’m running round like mad. But… next week I’ll video a demonstration (I have already worked out what I’ll do!) and will send a lucky winner the tool I use, which is no longer available to buy, I will set terms etc when I post next week.

But please don’t miss out, follow, subscribe, comment, tag a friend etc etc! My instagram is lovefromlizi and my YouTube channel is the same.

Until next week my lovely kind crafty friends! 🙂 xx


3 thoughts on “Giveaway!!!

  1. Maemi says:

    ~Congratulations on reaching the milestone 😀 It’s my first time visiting your blog and I’m loving the energy ❤ (Your cards are so adorably creative!)

    P.s. Hope the party goes great 🙂


  2. Janice Monahan says:

    Hi, I’m a first time visitor as well. Really liked your cards from the SSS kit! Very talented. New ideas and some interesting new tools to check out too.


  3. Helen Holmes says:

    Hi, I have just discovered you on you tube, and look forward to seeing more of your videos, I am from New Zealand, and have just started my own channel as well, and am blown away by the whole you tube card making community, it is amazing, and so supportive.


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