Simon Says Stamp August 2016 Card Kit

Hello and good morning,

Over the coming days I will be posting details of the Simon Says Stamp Card kit August 2016.

This is the link to the video I uploaded to youtube yesterday…

I’ve had some feed back and the general consensus is that you would all prefer a voice over explining what I’m doing rather than the one piece of music I’ve been using. I can fully appreciate this, however, when I sit down to watch a video on youtube it’s normally as I’m letting my son fall asleep on me in the evening (I’m one of those mummy’s!) So I have the sound turned off anyway, I never really thought about the voice over being important. 

That said, it’s been asked for so I will endeavour in my next video to do a recording and place it over the top. I hate my voice recorded and seem to develop a stutter whenever I try so please please be kind!

I always welcome feedback, I don’t see it as a criticism, but as a tool to grow and improve what I’m doing. I would much rather receive a comment telling me why a video wasn’t liked rather than a thumbs down which leaves me feeling quite sad that someone doesnt like what I’m doing.

Anyway, the first blog post will be the card that corrupted when I videoed and I’ll try to give as much explanation as possible in case you want to case the card or use the techniques. 

As always, I love seeing people’s cards, I’m an absolute instagram addict, so if you make anything please feel free to show it off in the comments. 

You can after all, never have too many crafty friends!

Thanks and happy crafting! 🙂 xx


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