…then she broke the silence…

Hello everyone,

I’m so very sorry for how quiet I’ve been for the past days, I have been working like the clappers!

My poor little laptop had a wobble as I was editing my 10 cards 1 kit video (which resulted in a loop on the voice over 😒) so I’ve been trying to be as gentle with it as possible since! – Fingers crossed Santa is reading this particular blog post…

And other than that I’ve been packing bags of happy, bags and bag and bags! But I am now very relieved to report that every kit is now boxed and ready for shipping Thursday!

I do still have a few available in case you were undecided πŸ™‚

I am now going to attempt to answer all of my emails, I’m so sorry I’ve not been back to you all!! I need a little team of elves to help me!

I hope you are all having crafty Sundays! Happy papercrafting! πŸ™‚ xx


One thought on “…then she broke the silence…

  1. dianneguilinger says:

    Hi Lizi,

    I ordered my kit as soon as it came out and can’t wait til it arrives! I am in the U.S. A. will it have a tracking number? If not, how do I add a tracking number.

    Dianne Guilinger

    11950 W 67th Ave

    Arvada, CO 80004




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