December Love From Lizi kits are on their way!

Hello lovely crafty friends!

I’m very happy to report that every single December 16 LFL card kit has left LFL HQ today!

I am in the process up updating the tracking numbers for those who wanted to be able to log in and see where their box of happy was as it made its journey! For those that haven’t tracked you should still get an email from me with your receipt, confirming it has been shipped.

This week has been particularly challenging – as I’ve been sick, earache is not something to be taken lightly I’ve found! As such I apologise for how quiet I’ve been on my various social media’s,  but I’ll make up for it over the coming days!

I’ll be pinning makes as they come to me as an inspiration springboard for the December kit.

Next month I will work out a way to print all the labels – my handwriting was pretty grim after the first few dozen boxes!

A sneak peak to a video I’ll be posting shortly…

As always,

Happy papercrafting! 🙂 xx


One thought on “December Love From Lizi kits are on their way!

  1. Denise Freeman says:

    Hey Lizi!! So sorry to hear about the ear problem – and I know for all my life, pretty much, what that’s about. So take care of it and be well my friend. In the mean time, I can’t wait to see the wonderful Dec 16 Kit in my hands. I missed the Nov Kit and if it ever, ever reappears count me in! OMG, I haven’t received Dec and I looking for Jan! The Kits are beautiful and I wish you and us many more. So glad to hear from you today and keep ’em coming. Denise USA


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