Subscriptions… ARE HERE!

Well hello everyone,

I really hope 2017 is treating you well so far, and you’ve all had the chance to get crafty!

As promised, after what seems to be a very long time, subscriptions are now available!! Wahoo!! I’m so excited that they are here and I will be so please to see the back of emails from returning customers saying they have missed out on the kits because they sold out before they had the chance to get one.

The details are laid out in the shop on the item, but all you have to do to become a subscriber is purchase the correct subscription item for where you live.

There are 4 categories;

  1. The UK
  2. The European Union
  3. The US and Canada
  4. The rest of the world

The only reason there is the split is the shipping costs are different for each of these grouped areas.

The initial charge is for two kits, first and last, so you will receive the next calendar month kit after you subscribe, and each month following you will receive an invoice between the 14th and 18th for £22.00 plus shipping which will need to be paid within 3 days to guarantee you a kit.

Should you wish to no longer be subscribed, please email me at and you will receive the following months kit without charge and no longer be subscribed.

Should you wish to purchase add-ons or other products from the shop and add them to your kit box to save on postage, please pay your invoice and email me directly afterwards, and I’ll take you through the simple process.

Thats it for now, I’ll be back soon with sneak peeks!

Happy Paper-crafting! 🙂 xxad-subs-image




6 thoughts on “Subscriptions… ARE HERE!

    • lovefromliziblog says:

      Hi Lori, it depends on the exchange rate of the day, but today, it would work out $87.03 for your subscription (first and last months) and each month would be approx $43.52 depending on the daily exchange rate


  1. Lauri Cam says:

    I LOVE your kits. I am in Canada and want to make sure I understand the costs. If it is $87 US then it will be $114.00 for the first and last months and around $56.00 per month after that? Is shipping added to that? Also, can you please ask Renuka if she can slow down when she is doing her demos? She has such cute cards but she talks so fast, I can’t really grasp what she is saying and I don’t want to miss a thing she is describing. ❤️


  2. mmaggee2001 says:

    I have written asking if you could give an estimate for [postage and now find online that the flat rate is 32.00 flat rate, I am not quite sure what this means, does it mean the parcel is 22.00 and the postage is 32.00? or does it mean that for the 44.00 paid the postage is 32.00 – making it a monthly cost of 16.00 for postage on top of cost of kit. Can you please advise if I have this correct or incorrect?


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